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Pinball Number Count Game

To celebrate their 50th birthday, Sesame Street GAVE fans an exciting gift, a videogame version of classic animation from the show. Debuting in 1977, Pinball Number Count comprised twelve rollicking one-minute shorts. Colorful animation and a funky track by the Pointer Sisters placed viewers inside a pinball machine as they learned to count to twelve. Sesame Street tapped us to recreate the far-out machine as an online user experience. The challenging game reproduces the gravitational feel and sound of an arcade game. Plus it pops with 70s-style graphics and an instrumental track pulled straight from those sessions with the Pointer Sisters. Much like the original, players work their way up from one to twelve, but we all know why players drop in their quarters—it’s exhilarating to see animation we remember come to life and to be part of the action!

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