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PBS KIDS Plug and Play

Primal Screen developed new games and activities for PBS Kids’ Plug and Play, a gaming and streaming stick just for children! The exclusive package includes a racecar-shaped device that plugs into a television and a simple, kid-friendly remote. The intuitive interface allows kids to tune into 24 hours of live PBS Kids programming or access lots of fun and enriching games. And the portable HDMI-enabled Plug and Play lets families explore anywhere there is a TV. Primal Screen created the all-new games as well as the interface: Road Trip Adventure is a virtual boardgame with three different boards and all sorts of activities that get kids off the couch and engaged in their real-world environment. Rail Riders gives kids a chance to hunt for objects as they follow a train through cities and country, to as far away as deep undersea or outer space. The procedurally generated experience assures that each journey is unique and lasts as long as kids do. Sound Box is a fun, music composing activity that lets kids make songs as they arrange everything from orchestral instruments to sound effects in a sequencing grid. The Plug and Play experience continues to grow with a promise of new content and games available in the future. For our part, Primal Screen did all animation, design, sound and game development.

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