Math 180


Sit back and learn as two of the stars of Math 180 offer up an explanation and demo of the sweeping educational project we bought to life for Scholastic.

Primal Screen worked with Scholastic to build this multi-platform, intensive mathematics program for middle school students. A vast project, Math 180 comprises 63 animated videos, each illustrating a principle represented in the accompanying text- and workbooks. The videos cover nine learning areas, each having three units with two to three lessons—that's a total of more than four and a half hours of animation.

In the videos students discover hundreds of unique characters, as well as animated charts, info graphics, graphs and other mathematical displays. As the videos demonstrate step-by-step how complicated problems are solved, students learn about fractions, percentages, ratios, graphs, decimals, algebra and lots more.

The animation style is simple and silly. Busy scenes are peppered with plenty of background wackiness just waiting to be revealed on repeated viewings. The aim was to make a learning tool that wasn't predictable and square, one that would inspire students to delight in learning. In doing so we could pull math out of the textbook and into the big, goofy world where it belongs.