VR Village App

Primal Screen

As part of a holiday promotion we created the free app, VR Village. Using a Google Cardboard viewer (designed by Primal Screen), smartphone users escape this world and immerse themselves in a winter wonderland alive with jaunty snowbots, cold-ready teddies and a host of other frosty friends. The app proved popular not only with those who knew us, but also with anyone who appreciates a joyous VR experience.</p> With the change of season, we set our sights on a balmier clime. In a secluded lagoon we still find robots and bears, only now they're dancing on the beach and soaking in the sun. And for those who can stand only so much preciousness, we've given the option of lobbing beach balls at everyone and everything in sight. And while VR Village will always look best in 3-D, folks can also enjoy this world in two dimensions without a viewer.</p> But that's not all. We're continuing to upgrade and redesign VR Village with each passing season. That way, worlds of fun are never farther away than your phone — which is NEVER very far.</p> All animation, design, coding and sound were created by Primal Screen.</p> The app is available both on the iOS App Store</a> and on Google Play</a>.</p>