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Useful School

Useful School

Creative Industry veteran, Ritesh Gupta (he/they), envisioned Useful School as a pay-what-you-can design school for people of color. The small, remote learning classes help both young and experienced designers hone their craft. What’s more, the classes reveal and help students address the unique challenges BIPOC talent face in the industry, conversations which are often neglected by other design schools. When we first discovered Useful School, we were eager to be a part of it in any way we could. In fact we sponsored two students in the inaugural session.

Full Row Media
Full Row Media

High Stakes

Before those first classes even began, Gupta sought to collaborate with us. Working with a design school can be a high-stakes proposition. Gupta himself had already created a beautiful logo, using the Salbabida Sans font by Jo Malinis (Type63). He asked us to help by creating motion and related design elements for promotion and in-class use.

Making it Move

The challenge was to create work that was “optimistic and energetic, but direct and serious.” With those guiding words in mind, we created title cards, an interstitial and a motion design toolkit, complete with original icons as well as custom transitions and more.


Not only was Primal Screen’s team for Useful School 100% BIPOC, the typefaces we used were created by BIPOC type designers. Gupta was thrilled with the results saying, “Primal Screen didn’t just create great work; they grasped the real heart of Useful School’s mission.”

We continue to support Useful School and look forward to seeing all the great things that are in store. Best of all, we can’t wait to see all the amazing talent that will emerge from this crucial program.