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Cartoon Network

It started out like the weirdest high school yearbook. Cartoon Network Latin America sent over a grid of dozens of cool, strange characters, along with hilarious, unpredictable scripts. Over the course of ten interstitials, we brought the Toonix and their wacky world to life.

Full Row Media
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Too New

The new Toonix characters had seldom appeared onscreen, but with imaginative designs and crazy names (like Secret Agent Sheep and Stupid Slob Toonix), they were ripe for storytelling. We created a world that extended the character designs to the backgrounds. There the Toonix could roam among buildings in neckties, a restaurant in a giant aquarium and a stubby plane that flaps its little wings. We jazzed up those backgrounds with rich colors, stripes, gradients and scalloped lines.

Too Next

With a large cast of characters, we approached character design and animation like avatar building. Starting with a very detailed and flexible character rig, we created skins for different characters along with unique, animatable heads. Now we could use similar animation techniques to bring a wide variety of characters to life. For crowd scenes, we could mix and match features to build large groups without obvious repeats.

Too Nice

The initial run of Toonix shorts was so successful that we did another round for a total of ten interstitials. The characters even went on to appear in a number of playful IDs. Primal Screen did all the storyboarding, background design and animation.