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U.S. Civil Rights Trail AR Experience


The Official U.S. Civil Rights Trail is far more than a guide book to the important sites of the civil rights movement. Reaching beyond its pages, the book encompasses a wide, multi-platform experience. Luckie contacted us to create a companion app for the book, bringing the pages to life with augmented reality activations.

Full Row Media
Full Row Media
Full Row Media

A Virtual Pop-up Book

To accommodate all the digital media that the book’s research had amassed, we created virtual pop-ups with images that spring from the page. Clicking on the images opens audio clips, video interviews, an interactive map and more.

New Technology

Normally we would have QR codes or other markers in the book to enable augmented reality pop-ups, but printing was already underway, so we had to invent a new solution. To do this, we trained an image-tracking system to recognize pages even when bent or obscured by glare. What’s more, we did all the design for each AR scene in a format that requires no app download. The result is an engaging, interactive experience that pulls in readers of all ages.

Glowing Reviews

The Official U.S. Civil Rights Trail has received high praise both from critics and from purchasers. We’re proud to have collaborated on a project that has chalked up millions of impressions, segments on major news media, and a Best in Show ADDY award (among many others). We’re even more proud of the meaningful role this work has for all Americans. Plus, the book launched at Dr. King’s birthplace, less than a mile from Primal Screen.