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Post Malone

Wrapped Around Your Finger

The Adult Swim Festival in Philadelphia was a live three-day event boasting panels, bands and comedy for everyone who loves the channel. We teamed up with Adult Swim to create a world premiere music video for the new Post Malone track “Wrapped Around Your Finger.” In a burst of round-the-clock inspiration we helped animate Adult Swim’s offbeat character design, and composited and edited the results.

As the trippy, fantastical intergalactic journey unfolds, Post Malone (in the form of a space phantom) drives through the cosmos in a Ford Galaxie 500 convertible with his alien girlfriend riding shotgun. They dodge comets and flying objects, passing aliens tangled in steamy embraces.

In terms of look, the video features psychedelic tunnels, twinkling stars, moving planets and several space creatures, all brought to life by us. Movement is constant with tangling creatures drifting, dancing and drinking to the beat. The space colors have an airbrushed, tie-dyed look with neon-colored creatures and the pink convertible that contrasts with the vivid background.

The animation was accomplished with a mix of Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Animate, and composited entirely in Adobe After Effects. The character animation has a hand-drawn, traditional feel, with a living line that gives the piece a kinetic vibe. Light and shadow were added in composite, along with animated gradients to add richness to the overall look. Together with Adult Swim, we created and animated over 70 aliens and pieces of space junk to fill the weird, lively galaxy.

The piece premiered at the Adult Swim Festival Block Party, a weekend of curated shows and experiences, which took place from August 5th through the 7th across four venues in Philadelphia.