PBS KIDS Plug & Play™


Pri­mal Screen devel­oped new games and activ­i­ties for PBS Kids’ Plug and Play, a gam­ing and stream­ing stick just for chil­dren! The exclu­sive pack­age includes a race­car-shaped device that plugs into a tele­vi­sion and a sim­ple, kid-friend­ly remote. The intu­itive inter­face allows kids to tune into 24 hours of live PBS Kids pro­gram­ming or access lots of fun and enrich­ing games. And the portable HDMI-enabled Plug and Play lets fam­i­lies explore any­where there is a TV. Pri­mal Screen cre­at­ed the all-new games as well as the interface: 

Road Trip Adven­ture is a vir­tu­al boardgame with three dif­fer­ent boards and all sorts of activ­i­ties that get kids off the couch and engaged in their real-world environment.  Rail Rid­ers gives kids a chance to hunt for objects as they fol­low a train through cities and coun­try, to as far away as deep under­sea or out­er space. The pro­ce­du­ral­ly gen­er­at­ed expe­ri­ence assures that each jour­ney is unique and lasts as long as kids do.  Sound Box is a fun, music com­pos­ing activ­i­ty that lets kids make songs as they arrange every­thing from orches­tral instru­ments to sound effects in a sequenc­ing grid.  The Plug and Play expe­ri­ence con­tin­ues to grow with a promise of new con­tent and games avail­able in the future. For our part, Pri­mal Screen did all ani­ma­tion, design, sound and game development.