Mike the Knight Montage

Hit Entertainment

Presenting the valiant Mike the Knight, ruler of his own show by HIT Entertainment and lord of a noble website with a trove of games and activities created by his loyal subjects, Primal Screen of Atlanta. Here is a montage. Huzzah!

Be a Knight, Do it Right!

Huzzah! Mike the Knight, a new show for preschoolers, is hitting televisions globally and now has a website just as rich in exploration and discovery. Mike is a young knight in training flanked by his two best dragon pals Sparky and Squirt. Together with Galahad, his trusty steed, they help Mike on his quest to be the best knight in Glendragon. Surrounded by brilliant characters, Mike has lots of people to help and problems to fix, whether they really need fixing or not.


Galahad's Gallop

Galahads Gallop is a time trial in which the player controls Mike and Galahad as they collects jewels for the crown room, avoid barrel obstacles, and improve galloping time. Players can choose between 'easy' and 'hard' settings to allow for practice and improvement.

Viking Bounce

Vikings are back and wreaking havoc! Help Mike propel these bouncy beasts back into their ship and send them back to the seas. Vikings bound down from the hill while the player correctly positions Mike's shield for optimum bouncing in the direction of the boat. Also, players can choose between 'easy' and 'hard' modes.

Apples and Arrows

Mrs. Piecrust has accidentally dropped her apple pie! Mike vows to help by collecting more apples for a new pie. In this flash game, help Mike aim his bow and choose the right power, but be careful with your arrows as there's a limited amount.


The main concern with sharing this new property was introducing the richness of Glendragon and all of it's inhabitants. Stunning animations marry magical interactive experiences expanding the world of Mike the Knight and all his friends online. Since Mike has free range of the kingdom, Gendragon was broken up into four zones, each accentuating the depth of the world and its diverse characters. Using a combination of videos from the show, custom games, offline activities to print out, and a parent page with ideas and helpful show information. Miketheknight.com becomes a destination to learn, explore, and enjoy this new world.

Mike's Room

Mike's room houses video clips where kids can cozy up with their dragons and familiarize themselves or re-live their favorite parts of Mike the Knight. Mike's bed transforms into a video player, much like in the show open.

Potion Practice

Potion Practice pairs Evie, Mr. Cuddles and a flash musical memory game. Using Evie's wand, follow along with the correct sequence of ingredients to recreate the right spell. When you've completed a spell Mr. Cuddles rewards with a lively animation. If you can't get it quite right, it's ok, because Evie rarely get it's right the first time too! More daring players can also make their own potions with a experiment option.

The Arena

Mike roams the kingdom with his confidants tackling problems and honing his knightly skills. The arena is a place where kids can train with Mike and Galahad, fend off mischievous Vikings, help Mrs. Piecrust, or practice potion making with Evie. Four flash games were engineered to reinforce the characters' favorite activities and values. All the games have audio instructions with corresponding animation and end with a chance to play again. Squirt and Sparkie watch from the Arena stands and cheer encouragements.

The Courtyard

Here's where you can meet all the subjects of Glendragon. Each character has a song sung by the kingdom's beloved troubadour Fernando accompanying a montage and links to other activities on the site where the characters are featured.

Please excuse us, but this is where the magic happens. Mike is adamantly against magic, as he's sure knightly skills can solve any problem. Evie can practice all the magic she wants in her workshop and it's here you'll find activities you can take offline. Fun activities include downloadable printouts for coloring sheets, tic tac toe, sing-alongs, badges, and puzzles. Also keep an eye, or mouse, out for some hidden animations around the workshop.