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Harry Connick Jr.’s Piano Party


As he prepared to launch his first online course, piano and vocal legend Harry Connick Jr, along with creative partners at CafeMedia, looked to Primal Screen to create compelling graphics and bring the lessons to life. We worked directly with Connick and his creative team to develop a visual approach that is uncluttered and direct without losing sight of the pianist’s joyful humor.

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Full Row Media


Each Piano Party class begins with Connick's introduction of a new keyboard. He has a lot! The lesson starts with Harry discussing the rudiments of music, including scales, melody, harmony and more. Then he shows how to apply these basics to the piano with discussions of finger placement, posture and crafty keyboard tricks. Connick’s lessons take an inspired musical approach as they avoid discussions of reading music.

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Reviewing each lesson, we made recommendations about graphic opportunities. Sometimes they would be straightforward, like highlighting piano keys and suggesting finger placement. In addition we created informational graphics to reinforce what he says. For instance we show stats for each new instrument as he presents it. Finally we created a library of custom animated iconography to humorously underscore Connick’s livelier moments.

The Score

The project included a large number of elements including nine graphics-heavy episodes (with a 15-second teaser for each), as well as a 90-second promo for the entire season. The final episode was live so we had no wiggle room as we headed toward the six-week deadline.


Students and audiences have been wowed by Piano Party. This is certainly clear when we see them interacting with Connick during the included live sessions. And Connick himself was effusive in his praise of our efforts, saying “Fantastic work, as always,” and, “p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n. !!!”

Full Row Media
Full Row Media


Best of all, we’ll be working with Connick again on the second season. We’re already refreshing the look and developing new graphics as we return to the spotlight for another performance.