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Deep Pondering


Deadpan narration and a simple, faceless animation style, mark this set of ten co-branded spots we made for TBS. The spots advertise a range of brands, from Denny’s to Clorox, all presented as the solution to the feckless narrator’s disjointed tales of frustration.

Midas Touch

Our first Deep Pondering project for Midas playfully shows the power to turn anything to gold sound as mundane as making toast. From the start, we established the design and animation style that would remain throughout all the Deep Ponderings. The vivid background void complements a simple hand-drawn line style that relies heavily on traditional 2d Animation techniques. Simple sound effects and a lack of music contribute to the vibe.

Half Row Media Half Row Media


Over time, As new advertisers signed on with TBS, we received new Deep Pondering assignments. With their low-key design and even lower-key narration, the tone of the spots is decidedly different from most commercials. A perfect match for the light-hearted TBS brand, the spots shift the mood of any commercial break and get viewers’ attention.


We loved developing a visual approach that underscores the fun writing and voiceover that TBS gave us. And since each spot was a new project, we know they resonated with advertisers and audiences. Primal Screen did all design, animation and sound.