Primal Screen is seeking non-union voice actors for an animated series currently in production. We prefer actors with home recording capabilities. Several characters are of Filipino descent, so we are especially looking for actors with a similar background and knowledge of Tagalog and the Filipino accent. The three lead characters will also sing, so please consider this when submitting your materials.

Character 1: A Filipino eight-year-old girl who’s a natural leader. No accent, but familiar with Tagalog.

Character 2: A Filipino seven-year-old boy, and the brother of character 1. Quiet, thoughtful and sensitive. No accent, but familiar with Tagalog.

Character 3: An eight-year-old female sea monster friend. Joyful and scattered. We are looking for standout interpretations of this wacky character. Not Filipino.

Character 4: Grandmother to characters 1 and 2. She is sweet, energetic and always up for a challenge. Fluency in Tagalog with some accent. Actor will also voice younger, female, Filipino characters from time to time.

Various male roles: Fluent in Tagalog, with a strong vocal range.

Please email experience/demo to We will contact leading contenders for auditions. No calls, please.