PBS Kids Sprout Launch


Let's grow! The storybook-inspired branding that launched the first 24-hour preschool network. Primal Screen created the logo, tagline and of course all graphics.

PBS KIDS SPROUT is a preschool network launched in 2005 as a partnership of PBS, Comcast, HIT Entertainment and Sesame Workshop. Primal Screen was assigned the task of designing the network, starting with the logo and tagline "Let's Grow." The look was inspired by classic children's book illustration. The network is configured as a single, seamless meta-show with actual show content embedded among the interstitial packaging - like shows within a show. The interstitial is themed to coincide with a child's daily experience: There's The Sunny Side Up Show in the mornings, The Sharing Show in the afternoons and The Good Night Show in the evenings. All are hosted by a cast of live action and puppet characters.