Pickle Panic Primal Screen

No fan of being chomped, Bill the pickle embarks on a daring fridge escape in this iOS game created by us, just because we could. Using a challenging grappling hook technology, Pickle Panic offers 72 levels of harrowing gameplay where gravity and cruelly sharp spinning blades threaten to pulverize the plucky pickle. It's a free download, so have at.
See Pickle Panic in the App Store Read More

Pencil Case Nickelodeon

Draw draw draw draw! For Back-to-School, the Bubble Guppies go gaga over their new pencil cases in this interstitial music video for Nickelodeon. We did all the design and animation. Read More

Creepin’ Weekend Montage Nicktoons

Are you brute enough to watch this horrid horde of spots we brought to life for Halloween month on Nicktoons? Be warned: there are twenty–six petrifying pieces, featuring some wicked original character design and scripts. So do you dare watch them? Do you?! Read More

David vs Goliath GreenLaw

A looming smog monster is no match for this kid. We worked with sculptor/animator Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio to create this spot for Greenlaw, an organization devoted to making the world a greener place through legal channels. R.E.M. kindly provided the music. Good Thinking Atlanta, a charitable group that provides pro bono creative services to organizations in need, led the project. Read More

2014 Work Reel Primal Screen

Belly up for a mugful of our latest concoctions, mixed with splash of older stuff. Read More

2013 Reface Montage PBS

A megamix of some of our favorite moments from the 2013 reface of PBS Kids — a mere fraction of all we made for the five-month project. Read More

Montage DHX Media

A sampling of some of the high-voltage lunacy we switched on for Canada's CHRGD network. Read More

Mad Men Psychedelic Journey AMC

It was a dream come true — working with one of our favorite designers on one of our favorite shows. To mark Mad Men's passage into the 70s, we brought a new illustration by super-designer Milton Glaser to groovy life. Dig! Read More

Aqua Teen Immortals Trailer Adult Swim

We helped Adult Swim send off its beloved Aqua Teen Hunger Force in epic style with this grand promo. We did all animation, backgrounds and composite. Read More