UL Environment Iconologic

When UL introduced UL Environment, their design agency, Iconologic, collaborated with us to create this infographic video. Read More

Mad Men AMC

It was a dream come true — working with one of our favorite designers on one of our favorite shows. To mark Mad Men's passage into the 70s, we brought a new illustration by super-designer Milton Glaser to groovy life. Dig! Read More

Pumpy Bike Cheng Shin Tire

A sinister being with a taste for mayhem has unleashed a vortex in the city center. Now it's up to Pumpy and CST tires to set things right. This soup-to-nuts Primal Screen production is one in a series of three commercials. Read More

2014 Work Reel Primal Screen

Belly up for a mugful of our latest concoctions, mixed with splash of older stuff. Read More

2013 Reface Montage PBS

A megamix of some of our favorite moments from the 2013 reface of PBS Kids -- a mere fraction of all we made for the five-month project. Read More

Meet The Blocks Primal Screen

We designed and silkscreened some 6,000 of these blocks for our 2013 client gift. Now meet the mix-and-match characters that live on them. Read More

Peter Rabbit Famous Footwear Nickelodeon

In his latest incarnation as star of the Nickelodeon series bearing his name, Peter Rabbit visits our world to help a kid tie his shoes. We animated and composited Mr. Rabbit. Read More

Pencil Case Nickelodeon

Draw draw draw draw! For Back-to-School, the Bubble Guppies go gaga over their new pencil cases in this interstitial music video for Nickelodeon. We did all the design and animation. Read More


Having created GMC's last look, we were eager to do the first look of their rebranded identity, Up. Here, inspiring live action and colorful, reflective CGI join in a vast branding package with an array of elements. Read More